Giving the Past a Future - Company Message

I'm always looking for something new to do... this chair I got from my friend, Jeff of D&J Thrift, here in Orange.

Is this thing a mess or what?!

This poor chair was so sad that Jeff GAVE it to me. My original plan was to re-do the seat and back with the spines of old books - yeah. When I worked at the Inn at Willow Grove they had one in the Library Room. It was really cool - someone had taken old books and with either a circular saw or a chop saw, cut the spines of the books off and glued them (spine up) onto the seat and the back of the chair. It was really cool and I held on to this chair for 2 years thinking that was what I was going to do to it.

I finally realized that wasn't going to happen.

So...   I began by taking it apart. I traced the original seat and back onto new plywood 
and cut it out. 

Next, I painted the frame. I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Graphite. Graphite is a really cool gray-blue that pulls that color from the fabric I chose. After I applied the first coat of wax, I gave the edges a light sanding to "shabby it up" a bit. I forgot to take a photo of that step - I was getting carried away!

Next Step was to cover the new seat and back. A new layer of batting, new fabric - with cute little monkeys(!!) and some trim to hide the staples. Again I should have taken more photos, but I was so into completing this project that I kept getting ahead of myself!

And VOILA!! My new chair is finished! And she is available for purchase for a mere 

Next... a great old Teacher's Desk - I forgot to take before pictures...
this was in pretty good shape when I got it - it just needed to be painted. I used the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White and Paris Gray, then a good coat of clear wax followed by the dark wax for a "shabbied-up" finish.

A very dated triple dresser goes from ugly duckling to graceful swan!  SOLD!!!
Ok, so again I forgot the before picture... I just got so excited about working on this that I totally forgot. I did finally remember after the first coat of paint!

Once again I used the Old White Annie Sloan Chalk Paint with a good coat of clear and then dark wax. I think it turned out beautifully! This triple dresser has 3 drawers on each side and three more behind the center doors. This is a really solid piece of furniture.  


YAY!! I finally remembered to get the "before"!!

I bought this vintage vanity years ago at a yard sale and she needed a lot of work. I had to totally strip the top and, since the front was veneer, there wasn't a lot I could do to it. I did rub in a generous amount of Old English polish and that was fine - for a while...
Once I learned about the Annie Sloan paint, all I could think about was painting this beauty!


I left the top unpainted and just applied a couple of coats of wax - first a coat of clear wax and then a coat of the dark. I just love how it turned out!