Giving the Past a Future - Company Message
Testimonials! ( Really nice things people have said about me!)

"OMG OMG OMG [the chandelier] is even more beautiful in person - you were right! Takes my breath away! Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!"
                                                         Mascelia D., Hinesville, GA

"I LOVE my wind chime! I put it up as soon as I got it home and it makes me smile every time I hear it. Love your originality!"
                                                                                        Jennifer H., Orange, VA

"The chandelier you custom-made for me is so beautiful. My husband installed it in our dining room and it really makes the room special. Thank you so much!"                                                                                                          Virginia B., Lovingston, VA

"I had to write and tell you how much my mom loves her windchime!"
                                                                                          Cathy S., Louisa, VA

"I picked up the wind chime and your husband, (such a nice person) would not take any money for all your extra work :(.  ... Thank you so much they are musically jingling away on my screen porch as I type this!"
                                                                                          Mitzi P., Lake Anna, VA

"I REALLY enjoyed talking to you at the Wine and Craft festival yesterday about finally having a use for doilies! I'm the one you held the monkey bottle while I took a picture ... :p I LOVE your creations! I'm going to keep my eye on you and get something soon. The hard part will be the decision process!"                                   
                                                                                         Deb, Front Royal, VA

Very happy with these glass artwork (windchimes) purchases & definitely plan to be a repeat customer! Thank you!
                                                                                         Lori C.