The Green Shed 

Giving the Past a Future

My Name is Audrey and my husband, Gary & I live in Orange, Virginia in a great OLD house that we share with our two kitties, Bad Kitty & Taz (photo) and yes that’s short for Tazmanian Devil. It’s a crazy mess most of the time, but I guess that’s just how we roll!

I’ve always had a fondness for vintage things (hubby says "junk")…nothing too fancy or fine, just old, loved, worn from use. There’s something about holding an object in your hands that has seen so much time pass and been cherished by others. They have obviously had a past and I can give them a future as well. I look at these objects and see that they still have much to give, whether on their own or combined with other pieces to create something beautiful and much greater than the sum of its parts.

So, I had all these bottles that I had saved (read: hoarded), because I thought they were too pretty to be thrown out in the trash... and one day Gary (neat-freak, former military husband) said I really needed to do something with them. Of course, he meant throw them out! Yeah, like that's gonna happen. And... one thing led to another and I was off and running! I have so much freaking fun - whether on the hunt for "junk" or playing with my power tools or putting things together - it just makes me happy and if I can make you smile with my work, then my day is made. Because really, all these things I create have just one purpose - to make people smile. 

All of the bead work on all of my pieces is done on wire. I don't use any nylon filament (fishing line) or string. This allows for a much stronger piece that will hold up in the weather for years to come. Nylon filament dries out and breaks after only a year or two and string will rot and fall apart.  I mean really - how many wind chimes have you bought (or been given, cuz you know they make GREAT gifts!) only to have them fall apart after a season or two because they were made with inferior materials? Not good. And, NOT here.

My creations are meant to be USED - that means for the wind chimes and lanterns, out in the wind and rain and just about anything else that Mother Nature can throw at us. I do recommend bringing them inside in the event of a hurricane (they ARE glass...) or if it is a lantern, it should come inside in the winter since water could get into the votive and freeze. Other than that put them where you please and enjoy! You just don't want to hang them too close to a wall - it's that glass thing again.

One other note of distinction is that all of the bottle-bottoms are drilled out as opposed to being cut off. This makes for a much more durable chime or lantern. By drilling it out, the bottle retains the original "lip" at the bottom and this serves to reinforce it when the clapper strikes the glass. Also there aren't any sharp edges!

I guarantee all of my work. If you have a problem that is due to workmanship, I will happily repair the item for you or issue you a refund - your choice. Now if you drop it and break it, well that's another matter - perhaps a discount on a new one if you can save any of the pieces...?